Winter Carp Fishing And Bait Secrets To Help You Avoid Blank Sessions and Catch More Fish!

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Published: 31st October 2012
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In autumn, winter and spring especially, you need to be far more adaptive in your thinking and methods if you are to avoid blank sessions! Here are some personally proven tips, insights and experiences of special big carp captures, which will empower you to catch more fish and help you avoid blank sessions in the coming months!

You can always get more bites when the going is tough but it takes extra thought, and often a willingness to let go of what is working less productively now even though this may have previously worked in the past!

To be most successful in avoiding blanks it is vital to understand fish behaviours and how to exploit fish senses in your unique favour by leverage of specific bait substances!
Many anglers use such a standard approach to their fishing and perhaps the average carp angler always has which is why his is precisely that i.e. an average angler!

The main problem is that the writers who talk about fishing tackle and rigs and even readymade baits deliberately omit to include vital factors in regards to carp as dynamically-adapting creatures acutely sensitive to threats, be it popular baits, particular rig materials and dynamics which are used to the point that fish sort them by constant repetitive practice on hook baits, or a myriad of other aspects that entrain carp to be cautious when anglers are present on the bank!

Think about fishing and normally you might think that anglers would start out be an in-depth study of their quarry in very great depth and breadth. But all too often, the mind is drawn to the latest fashion items, brands of bait, high price prestige rods and reels and alarms and so on, which make no difference at all to catch results without the right understanding and awareness of the anglers with such items on the bank!

How many anglers actually know anything about the different stages of feeding stimulation behaviours and the varied different methods of feeding that carp display and how to influence and manipulate such things to our maximum advantage?

Do you know why it is so incredibly important to stimulate various stages of carp feeding behaviour and what are the among the top 10 carp feeding triggers ever applied in carp baits and most importantly, exactly how they impact on fish internally and externally (and even on the water itself?)

Such know-how puts you in a different league to the vast majority of carp anglers as your options and choices for influencing carp feeding become legion. You will be able to understand far more about what carp are doing even before they begin filter feeding on your baits dissolved attractors, enhancers, sweeteners and triggers and so on, even when fish are some distance from your swim!

All most carp anglers know is that their bait has some kind of smell and taste and some nutritional value but to what degree each aspect actually does what in a carp few anglers truly appreciate and therefore miss out on such huge advantages!

I realise a few anglers might well say they do well enough without knowing why their baits work. Here is just one example of why bait is not so much hot air as hot stuff when you really know what matters! I went to Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire to prove a point to one of my friends fishing there. He was a bailiff and one of the top rods on there and used to fish for England as a youth; so he’s obviously a very good carp angler and knows a thing or two about bait and effective bait application.

What we did was make up three baits. My friend made up his normal spod mix which was the one he had been catching well over that season. I made up his spod mix also but made 2 different versions of it, each with 2 extra added ingredients which were exceptional feeding triggers and attractors. Then we placed all 3 baits into the margin of the small stock pond where we could see all the stock of carp and their movements.

What then happened shocked us all because literally all the carp (even from the far side of the pond) immediately headed over to the 2 extra feeding trigger versions of spod mix. On one newly adapted spod mix version we introduced (as just one handful of bait mix,) the carp fed extremely competitively in a complete frenzy!

The carp pushed out competing roach and tench and clouded the water so much they totally obscured our view into the spot for quite some time. Then when all the bait was gone and the bottom gravel had been exposed bright and shiny the biggest and dominant that had monopolized the spot even started head-banging the bottom after it had been cleared!

Meanwhile the other new spod mix version created a more leisurely feeding response where the fish simply did not want to leave the baited spot for ages after it was gone and lingered hovering above the baited spot as if waiting for more!
In fact after 10 minutes roach and tench were obviously very keen on these baited areas and moved in and out among the carp. The original and successful spod mix of my friend was noticeable by its remaining untouched on the bottom where even the roach ignored it; it was not inspected by any carp, tench or roach and was totally ignored (as if it did not exist!)

Obviously my friend could not believe it, and I was quite surprised at the fact that proven and previously successful bait in the form of their spod mix had not achieved even a single nibble from any fish in this situation! (This fact, i.e. that a bait can be so potent that it stops fish being stimulated by normally successful baits should make you seriously question just how effective your baits are against competing baits, and also what are the most vital and potent competitive edges that your baits truly have over other baits!)

As a direct result of this totally min blowing experience my friend adapted his baits in various ways to make them far more potent, and had the best season ever! In fact he has been so satisfied with his catches that he is moving off the water to fish for larger more difficult fish and his confidence is so much higher too (even though he was top rod on the water anyway!)

There are baits and bait substances that really are extremely potent. Knowing what these are, what they do to carp systems and senses, digestion, metabolism and brain hormones releases; so influencing various behaviours etc, and knowing how to exploit them in the right levels in combination with other powerfully triggering substances is an incredible edge. Having experienced baits go from very successful to completely ignored in the presence of more potent baits, is a an almost unbelievable thing; that is unless you understand what your baits are doing or not doing in your fish!

How many carp anglers really appreciate just how potent certain powdered additives really are when all those lovely liquid flavours, palatants and soluble liquid free amino acid type additives etc, have washed out of their baits? You will find most of the very best of these powders are often relatively insoluble (if not quite insoluble,) yet they have just enough solubility to induce very obvious feeding responses in carp because carp are so extremely sensitive to these substances most potent and bioactive natural components.

Making your own ground baits in whatever form you choose, from spod mix and stick mixes to method mixes and PVA bag mixes, as well as making your own pellets and boilies and specially prepared particles really does catch loads of fish and at less cost than ready made baits unless you happen to be a sponsored angler. In fact these days there are many pressured waters where round boilies pretty much get ignored by wary fish until they are washed out; and this behaviour contributes to far too many blank sessions for less knowledgeable anglers.

I recall fishing a small very highly pressured water very consistently for about 6 weeks through on summer. The most popular swim was directly in front of the main island on the water. Well over ninety percent of all the anglers who fished that swim introduced whole fresh readymade boilies and pellets into the swim; in the same old usual spots and cast to the same spots as all those who had been there previously to them. Over the 6 week period 80 percent of the anglers fishing this swim blanked despite fishing 24 to 48 hours at a time.

How could they know the fish simply did not want to feed on all that fresh and old bait while lines were so obviously passing through the water at the same old angles with the same old noises from the bank, the buzzer vibrations and sounds down the line, the head torches shooting blinding LED beams into the water, and chatter of human voices on mobile phones etc, (the human voice frequency is within the range which carp are proven to hear in water.)

Meanwhile just 40 yard from this swim I consistently baited little and often with my own homemade baits and ground baits taking advantage of all these other anglers’ pressure. They were in effect showing the carp what was dangerous and thus should be avoided by following things they copied in popular magazines and videos! So for me my buzzers were set on a quiet very sensitive mode using buzzers that do not bleep a thousand times at full volume when turned on.

My baiting was little and often right throughout my sessions, my lines were concealed by various means and line angles were totally different to usual and the rig materials and dimensions and dynamics were refined over the previous years at this water to the point where carp testing the rigs were hooked but could not use the lead as a hook-removing fulcrum.

My baits oozed plumes of true feeding triggers and metabolic stimulants, energy releasing substances essential to promote and prolong feeding in my unique favour. These were released in concentrated solution into the water column as the baits did exactly what they were designed to do. The baits had all been tested in kitchen tests in water and on small fish waters for instant fish feedback on ways to better and re-refine the baits for even more powerful and more optimised performance.

These homemade baits worked extremely potently without repelling the fish, and they were unique in not sharing ingredients, features and characteristics of the most used ready made machine-rolled baits the lake!) Bait size, colour, buoyancy, shape, density, texture, firmness and effect on the surrounding water were all adapted for various specific effects!

Do you know which natural carp feeding modes you are inducing by using crumbed boilies and bloodworm, salmon and krill extracts with dried insects and shrimp, and crushed nuts and seeds like hemp for instance? Knowing such aspects about carp in great detail is an enormous competitive advantage and one reason for this is that you can induce specific modes and intensities of feeding behaviours directly by bait choices over and above those popularly recommended and used by the majority (that are thinking like an angler and not alike a carp!)

Carp alter the gap in their gill rakers to filter feed more efficiently on such sized items and feed far more confidently, while using energy seeking out such small items, which in term keeps them hungrier and more in a prolonged feeding spell thus maximizing your chances of them making more mistakes on your hook baits!

With reference to such refinements it came as no surprise that even though on one day the lake was full of anglers, just one fish would be caught. It was be one of the ten biggest in the lake and was caught on homemade bait and not a readymade bait and applying a starting point of exploiting fish feeding behaviours and modes of feeding purposely induced by my choice of substances used, and avoiding over-used most familiar baits such as mini pellets which the carp are all too used to, as in stick mixes and mini PVA bags etc!

Carp fishing is so much more than new methods and tackle and baits. It is very much about understanding fish themselves and how they work internally and externally constantly adapting to avoid familiar methods, popular baits and popular rig materials and their dynamics and more.

It is about how literally everything we do as carp anglers actively trains carp responses negatively or positively in the short and long-term and how to recognise and manipulate such behaviours and responses for our own maximum benefit instead of disadvantage! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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