Making Easy Homemade Carp Boilies Using Powerful Bioactive Ingredients!

Published: 22nd September 2009
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Personalising readymade baits and the making of more economical homemade carp baits are getting more and more popular today! This is a result of the needs of so many anglers to economise, because anglers want more control over their fishing costs, but also because making or adapting your own baits seriously pays you back in terms of numbers of big fish caught on them! Here are some powerful bioactive ingredients to help your own baits catch you even more big carp - so read on right now and reap your big rewards!

If you want a simple example of a bioactive bait ingredient just think honey. Bioactive can mean very many vitally significant things in terms of boosting the short and long-term impacts and effects of your baits on carp. Substances that reduce stress and reduce waste of energy for example are very instinctively valuable to carp. In terms of boosting their immune system, a great number of substances work and contribute to this effect including yeasts and yeast extract, ginseng, Echinacea, various herb and spice extracts, oils and many other substances.

Honey varies in its potency in regards to anti-bacterial action but New Zealand Manuka honey is stated as 10 times more potent than the average honey. Why doubt the effectiveness of honey when it is the primary food and energy source of billions of insects, has been evolving over millions of years and been used to catch carp and enhance baits for centuries well before the time of famous angler Isaac Walton?!

Honey is not simply a single sugar, unlike your average white table sugar for instance, which is 99 percent sucrose. Honey has sucrose, glucose and fructose plus a percentage of nutritionally attractive minerals and other factors that make it a classic bait additive (and some of these are yet to be identified by science.) Honey is a sweetener that enhances bait palatability very well and in these days of so many various bait company custom made concentrated flavours, it offers unique perfume aromas, tastes and flavours that can make your baits completely unique to any other.

I mention this fact because you can use honey to boost readymade baits and not purely homemade baits. For instance, you might mix honey to liquid yeast or with liquid kelp or liquid molasses when making bait soaks for all kinds of baits, from boilies, pellets, meat baits, particles and ground baits and so on. Additionally you might like to add condensed milk which is also an old favourite and I often use evaporated milk and rate it very highly indeed as a very versatile little-used bait additive. Another just random example I have used frequently as a base for bait liquids is evaporated milk with fructose, betaine (which is also sweet of course,) honey, and dark maple syrup.

In terms of outstanding bioactivity fresh coconut milk is very special. Fresh coconut milk is a nutritionally-stimulating flavour with lots of potency that acts on carp internally after consumption. You will find that adding chocolate powder to your baits alongside coconut milk, desiccated coconut, and things like whey protein concentrate and sodium or calcium caseinate for instance works a treat. Coca is a very well known bioactive substance and it has bee known for many women to love its addictive appeal. In fact it is absolutely packed with bioactive antioxidants so it is such a shame chocolate bars are made with so much refined sugar and unhealthy fats!

Although it might not be so obvious, pure vanilla extract is again a very dominant substance both in the food industry and in fishing flavours with very good reason. It was grown alongside coco trees too and alongside chilli plants in South America in specially farmed areas of forest and ancient wild strains and cultivars still grow, lost in areas of overgrown jungle just waiting to be re-discovered.

Before the times of the industrial revolution when food was produced more intensively at much higher profit, cultures all around the world had already identified foods for themselves that would more specifically sustain life and heal diseases. In Europe many of those people with this extremely valuable knowledge were thought of as magicians because of the potency of the applications of natural substances applied in various situations. Certainly the impacts on health of many of the super foods we know much more about today must have appeared to be like magic to less educated peoples.

I am amazed it took until the work Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling to elevate the incredible importance of vitamin C in the diet, despite sailors around the world knowing of sources of it for centuries but not isolating what is was precisely. Yet carp need vitamin C in their diet and this can be exploited of course in many ways! (Vitamins, minerals and trace elements all add vital additional bioactive nutritional stimulation and attraction to baits!)

But it is highly ironical that literally millions of those specially skilled people with this healing knowledge were persecuted as witches by zealously religious Catholics from before the middle ages and even up to the nineteen-fifties when in fact the Christian monks used very similar knowledge themselves for well over a millennium!

In England laws on so-called witchcraft were still being used into the nineteen-fifties and this demonstrates just what ignorant idiots those in charge of law and order really are when Catholicism was founded on many ancient aspects of so-called occult knowledge and practices pre-dating Jewish faiths and Islam for example. (Have you noticed just how many religions have common elements including a tendency to be manipulated for the personal ends of a minority and twisted so it becomes negative; even the swastika symbol of the Nazis was hijacked by them from its original very ancient context and meaning so that today it means something negative all around the world!

Many such potent foods came from the plants and trees in woods and forests. It is so ironic that most of the origins of our drugs today have come from such places. Just think of some of the most well-proven bait substances and those foods termed super foods by science today. They are so often the same, so carp obviously know instinctively what is good for them - although they can be fooled, just like humans can of course!

From hemp seed, tomatoes, chilli and other peppers, to coco, chocolate, coconut oil and honey to cod liver oil, krill oil and others, super foods are things that really catch carp. It is fascinating that so many of these substances and so many others that can be applied to catching carp are used by humans to deliberately attempt to reduce cellular damage at a genetic level and to prevent or control diseases and prolong life itself. (Of course, just like humans far back in pre-history, obviously carp know all this instinctively without having to be able to read!)

Even the humble spud or potato which is part of the tomato family has been known to catch a carp or 2 - and still does today! In New Zealand and parts of Africa for instance, potato starch not wheat starch is used as an effective binder and bulking ingredient in carp baits instead of things like durum wheat based semolina, or maize meal for instance.

There is so much more to carp baits than the usual suspects of amino acids and proteins! Of course amino acids are both flavours and enhancers but also less known is their potent bioactive impacts. But by now, almost everyone knows that you can catch big carp on far more than just a ball of soya, or maize, liver, fish, milk proteins, bird seeds, yeasts or vegetable proteins - but on much more besides!

You can improve the effects of potent bait ingredients to by use of many special methods and processes. Sodium caseinate is an outstanding soluble carp bait ingredient. It is often used in its standard form, but it can be improved! Caseins are a very high protein milk ingredient but can be made far more attractive and can be made water soluble using various means which drastically improve its effectiveness. All it takes is knowing more about the carp themselves to understand what is required to be done.

In the case of sodium caseinate for instance, it is used in the food industry as an emulsifier in the food industry, much like liquid lecithins and often used with maltodextrin as a preservative. Heating of this mix at 60 degrees forms a conjugate with improved emulsifying properties that further improve the solubility of oils and such treatment and uses are applied to drinks like cream liquors for instance. Obviously if you can improve the solubility of oils in your baits and improve the bait solubility and digestibility you will enhance the performance of your bait and catch more fish. These days achieving competitive edges against competing baits is even more vital and this takes some thought and know-how.

But it can be very simple and easy to do this to improve the long-term results of your favourite readymade baits and of your own homemade baits! For instance, you might make a bait dip by warming up some cream liquor, adding some honey, adding some liquid lecithins and coconut oil and adding some pure vanilla extract or pure maple syrup for instance. If you were to choose a concentrated flavour it might be you cut it with vodka to reduce the familiar solvent base content. Or maybe you might source a concentrated cream flavour perhaps, add some cream liquor and add betaine crystals so you have a toned down but enhanced flavour with less solvent base for instance.

Flavours are of so many kinds beyond simply the components and forms most anglers most readily recognise in those little bottles of common solvent-based concentrated flavours. There is so much more you can personally do to boost their effects in various ways so you tempt more wary big fish that are so frequently put off by such concentrated flavours. The manipulation of potently bioactive substances is without any doubt an extremely big part of the winning formula in carp fishing that can easily improve your results! (For more information see my website and biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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