Making Cheap Carp Fishing Boilies Pastes And Pellets Based On Potent Yeast Powders!

Published: 03rd September 2009
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So many carp anglers are getting into making their own baits and reacting against the ridiculous costs of carp fishing today. Here is a bait of the kind I and many of my generation made 3 decades ago before the extreme commercialisation of carp fishing - these kind of nutritionally-boosted homemade baits will save you a fortune and versions of it have caught me many thirties and forties out-fishing many popular readymade baits over the years!

Some of you older more aware carp anglers will probably recall a pet supplement called Phillips Yeast Mixture (PYM.) Now the formulation is different today compared to years ago and the original version applied in carp baits inspired a huge degree of confidence! Basically it supplied many of the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements carp vitally need to survive, but it also does hidden things like carry other feeding triggers, enhance other flavours and ingredients, boost the carp immune system and many other things besides!

Looking at the modern version of it appears to be basically deactivated brewers yeast powder and minerals. Bearing in mind this modern product is not designed specifically for carp of course means it can easily be improved to be a very much better baits and the basis or a contributing part of all kinds of other forms of carp boilies, pellets, dough and paste baits and PVA mixes etc.

However, Phillips Yeast Mixture is expensive and the aim is to use products that undercut the high costs of regularly having to pay for readymade baits. After all just 20 pop-up baits from Solar can cost over 6 pounds and a kilogram of readymade frozen boilies from shops can even cost over 12 pounds.

Multiply this bait cost up for every weekly trip over a season added to things like PVA, hooks, leads, hook lengths, boilie stops, swivels and a myriad of other exorbitantly-priced items, you can see why making your own baits is going to save you a fortune and provide you with loads of extra money you simply would have blown completely unnecessarily! Of course bait companies hate to lose customers but frankly they make their money by making bait - so why not copy them in your own way so you spend whatever budget you decide to spend on bait instead of allowing them to set prices?!

Getting hold of deactivated yeast powders is no problem on the web and many bait companies sell these. I will use Ccmoore yeast powder as I know personally it is dependable in quality, supply and it really works!

So to make your own PYM type bait in a modern way, there are so many variations you can choose from but here are just a few recipe ideas to get you started - in fact I have regularly used yeast powders since the Seventies when I added them to my ground baits when the average carp in all my then local Essex lakes were only in double figures!

For a simple effective ground bait simply mix white and brown bread crumb with yeast powders, enzyme-treated yeast or something like own brand yeast extract (cheaper than Marmite) and liquid yeast plus a few mixed pellets - it works all year round and can be applied in many ways from PVA bags, spods, method feeders, or even as cheap paste or as boilies with added eggs. (I recommend boosting it with Ccmoore crunchy kelp meal, Ccmoore Cyprivit and Ccmoore Blue Cheese powder for instance - these really will make all the difference!)

There are very seriously boosted versions you can make that have incredibly levitated nutritional attraction for the biggest fish, but these will cost you far more due to the quantities and higher prices of the grades and quality of ingredients, additives and liquid extracts required. But as you will discover when you use it, the kind of yeast bait mix previously mentioned will most often catch fish right away; for even more potent certified big fish baits read on! (For much more information see my bait-making and boosting and bait design secrets website - Baitbigfish right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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