Making Carp Fishing Holiday Baits and Preparing Potent Particles and Nuts!

Published: 04th September 2009
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Holiday fishing baits need ideally to be easy and make fast to make or prepare. Here are some innovative ideas for proven naturally-based cheap homemade baits anyone can make easily and fast and use to great effect when on holiday or stuck for choice!

The idea of using particle baits like maple peas, black eye beans, hazelnuts, peanuts or Brazil nuts seems to be very foreign to so many carp anglers today despite these being very well proven baits for big fish in past decades (as well as today but more on the quiet!) Ccmoore offer Brazil nuts pre-cooked which are obviously highly effective. But not everyone thinks ahead when on holiday or cannot source readymade baits.

To prepare your own brazil nuts simply soak them in liquid overnight. Then boil them for 30 minutes. On holiday it is often easy to get hold of them as they are found in packets of mixed nuts which may also be prepared often in the same way, or they can be bought in various forms from supermarkets. Using Brazil nuts as hook baits is a great alternative to boilies, pellets and other much used carp baits.

You can flavour them, colour them, add liquid foods, palatants, enhancers, natural and intense sweeteners etc and basically do whatever you like with them. However they will work even with just soaking in water and boiling allowing them to release all their creamy attraction.

You might use Talin and a cream flavour, Scopex, Tutti Fruitti, Pineapple flavours, spicy flavours, or even things like mussel and bloodworm, chilli and other extracts. For instance you might have chilli powder available with a selection of Thai or Chinese spices to add to your water before soaking and boiling, or you might think ahead and take a selection of bait ingredients, flavours and additves with you on holiday to give you more options for choices in boosting and differentiating your baits at your holiday waters themselves.

Luckily, relatively few carp anglers today ever think of making up small amounts of homemade baits especially for short holiday trips visits to waters but it really does work! For instance, you could find out what readymade baits work at your holiday venue in advance, then buy some matching readymade base mix, chop up Brazil nuts in a blender and mix into your base mix and fish a homemade paste bait as an attractive coating around your Brazil nut hook baits, or just use paste of any kind around your bait.

Right now in the August into September time you might considering gathering blackberries, strawberries, apples or other seasonal fruits to bait with or naturally flavour your baits with! Sweetcorn is in season and fresh sweetcorn is an outstanding bait so look out for farmers shops when out in the countryside - they often sell things like animal feed pellets, canned pet foods etc which can all be extremely useful when making baits on location! Also, around this time if you know of a walnut tree, why not think about harvesting some of these for use too. All kinds of nuts can be gathered for use as carp baits but full soaking and cooking is of paramount importance!

If you have difficulty getting bait ingredients then why not fall back on proven methods and ingredients you will find in most food and health shops including nutritionally-rich weight gain and slimming powders, wheat flour, bread, eggs, peanut butter, black pepper powder and chilli powder, pastes and pates, sugars, salt, Marmite, cake flavours based on natural extracts, oils and alcohol (and not propylene glycol,) and so on. Corn, wheat or bread based paste have always produced carp and eggs added to them plus a few extras simply boosts attraction - so you can make paste, boilies or pellets on location very quickly on holiday pretty much anywhere! (For more information see my website and biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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