How To Make Homemade Carp Fishing Boilies Part 1!

Published: 26th January 2012
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Find out how to make more potent truly optimised top potency homemade boilies. If your impression is that it is simply a matter of adding eggs to a base mix then think again because this is an old out of date paradigm! Design and make your baits right and you can genuinely fish with absolute confidence and out-fish any readymade bait available today and hold your own and even beat readymade baits that previously dominated catches.

Many commercial carp bait recipes are out of date by 30 years. The whole point of the most successful baits is to get most bites and hook most fish and not in fact to feed fish not with convertible nutrition! (Over the years anglers have been brainwashed by proteins!) You do not need to get mind zapped by thoughts of limiting amino acids. I have yet to test any boilie sorted for limiting amino acids that actually out-fishes optimised homemade baits not sorted for limiting amino acids.

The traditional way to make boilies is to use a recipe, 99 percent on the internet are based on conventional materials 30 years out of date. This also goes for a massive number of readymade baits by people who have no more creative a mindset than that. The more effective approach guaranteed to avoid your baits being ignored by wary fish (most highly desired fish are wary today) is to design totally alternative new unique homemade baits.

Do not worry; these baits do not have to be designed around high protein or even around balanced nutritional value types of thinking. Many anglers over the decades have been brainwashed into the impression that proteins and amino acids are the only feeding triggers that matter but the fact is that true carp feeding triggers are a far wider list and includes components and substances which have nothing at all to do with proteins.

Many anglers when starting out mistakenly think that using a bait based on carbohydrates is a simple easy effective way to get most bites. So they may make a boilie mix based on a dry powder mixture of soya flour and semolina as this is the most mind numbingly uncreative carrier type mix used over the years; however today fish are so wary and conditioned against such baits. I mean that you might simply add a flavour and sweetener and eggs to this type of powder mix but on most big fish waters today your catch results will fall very short of expectations!

One of the major reasons new boilies are brought out each year is because they blow. There was a time when it was considered that low nutritional value carbohydrate based baits with concentrated flavours lost their edge over carp considerably quickly, while high quality nutritional value baits do not blow.

But today most baits going into carp lakes are composed of at least minimal nutritional value ingredients and additives and liquids etc. However due to the pressure of angling and huge volumes of various nutritional baits going into waters there are many times when the popular readymade baits advertised in the flashy magazines simply do not deliver the catch results promised.

It is so hilarious to be on the bank of a carp lake and have anglers come up and immediately state the readymade bait they are using as if they have a major stake holding in that company or something. Frankly most anglers are so conditioned into using popular readymade baits that you can see the guilt in their faces when you suggest to them to try an different brand to their favourite, or God forbid actually design and make their own totally unique baits!

Carp bait only aim is to catch fish. Carp baits made to feed fish and provide nutrition merely are an expensive way for carp fishery owners to get anglers to pay to feed fish instead of them. I repeat that bait is to catch fish. You do not require massively nutritional baits to catch carp even against massively nutritional baits. All that idea is simply a myth. The old paradigms of baiting triangles exploiting conditioned habitual feeding of carp on familiar food items is merely one approach, one method of catching carp.

It might be noticed by anglers who are not so conditioned that instead of nutritional value baits catching most fish on a lake of extremely wary fish it is very often the case that the brightly visual, highly flavoured buoyant baits fished in upper water layers can very frequently catch far more fish than sinking nutritional baits fished on or just off the bottom. Things are so different today compared to 30 years ago when all carp anglers had no choice but to make their own homemade carp baits because readymade boilies simply were not available.

In fact there was a time when anglers used bottom baits all the time as the concept of using buoyant baits that could be fished off the bottom on a ledger was a well kept secret. Of course the balancing of baits and negating hook weight was always important to real carp anglers not copycat pretenders and even Richard Walker who caught the famous UK record carp of 44 pounds in the nineteen-fifties balanced his crust bait using bread paste.

Real carp angling is about appreciating the bigger picture, of how everything connects up, from how angling baits methods tackle and baits condition fish negatively particularly in a fishing environment now which is built on commercial interests where every new bit of tackle, rig, PVA product and readymade bait are jumped on by the masses and copied on their lakes thus immediately losing the massive edge they once were during the initial introduction.

The way that the commercial carp industry works is to hit the masses with niche and mass market products which will lead to maximum repeat sales for maximum profits. It is not predominantly orientated to give you unique competitive edges over your competition. It is about mass sales and mass marketing to a herd mentality! This herd mentality is a proven psychological expression of males between certain age ranges and is exploited in industries of many kinds including clothing, cars, alcoholic drinks, music etc.

The carp magazines are the major influencing media in carp fishing today and have seriously affected the ability of anglers to think as individuals on their own unique paths. In fact as I was doing my early big carp fishing apprenticeship I was advised to avoid reading the magazines by far more experienced carp anglers who actually sold tackle such as reels bait, bivvies, bed chairs and rods etc in these magazines, including Cliff Fox.

Today the industry actually leads the thoughts of anglers and I believe this is a serious flaw because it is original thinking that creates the most successful competitive edges in carp fishing!

Think about it; when the majority of anglers on the bank are using exactly the same readymade bait and same rig materials, dynamics and proportions and the same devices and bait delivery systems and methods the average angler does not see the bigger picture clearly. He is conditioned so much by fashions he cannot see that by copying what is instantly available to literally any other angler on his lakes he is actually drastically cutting his chances!

The numbers of times I have witnessed the introduction of new commercial baits on a water and seen how their success tails off dramatically the more fish get hooked by the masses using them is so many I have lost count and I include every single nutritional bait considered the new ultimate bait!

You might not think that nutritional baits do not blow when it comes to extremely wary fish. The fact is that if it is 50 times harder to actually get a pick up on a nutritional readymade bait that the herd are using because of the number of fish already hooked on that particular bait, what is the point of using that popular bait which is actually so counter-productive?

You might be aware that when the majority of anglers on a water are using the same readymade bait then most of the time it will appear that the majority of fish will be caught on that bait. This is simply because most frequently the majority of hooks in the water will be attached to that bait! It could equally be bread, blue cheese paste, worms or whatever is front of the fish the most.

But this does not mean that any particular bait is the optimum bait for that water, fishing circumstances, time of year or even the best method to catch the most fish or to choose to select the most rarely caught biggest specimens!

I have been a bait tester for many companies over the past 30 years and so have been able to do comparative tests of low nutritional value boilies with homemade baits and balanced nutritional baits of so many formats and designs including those sorted for limiting amino acids and exploiting a range of enzyme reactions and other processes and modes of actions.

When enough fish have been hooked in a water there is absolutely no doubt that no matter what readymade bait is used they all have a reduction in catch rate the more fish get hooked and fish grow in levels of wariness. I can further state that where fish are particularly sensitive to fishing pressure there can come a time when a previously highly successful bait will not even be picked up by the vast majority of carp in a particular water. I know for sure Gary Bayes has the same viewpoint having described this experience to me.

I witnessed this phenomenon over a period of 3 years at a lake called Oak Lodge in Essex where Mainline Active 8 was a dominant winner and a favourite of mine and I spent fortunes baiting up the place and caught nearly all the big carp in there including most of the big thirties and even the upper forty pound leather. However many of my biggest fish did not fall to Active 8 at all but where caught on homemade baits, including the upper forty leather later moved to a syndicate water and featured in Nash Bait adverts with Kevin Nash.

In the nineteen-eighties into the early nineties for 10 years I fished a syndicate reservoir where the caliber of many of the anglers meant that they could make homemade baits easily the equal or the better of any readymade baits available at the time. At least one of the famous Gibbinson brothers fished there, and friends of Kevin Maddox also fished there and these were highly sophisticated anglers. I often fished along the bank to Cliff Fox, the now retired boss of Fox International.

He caught import whatever he wanted from the Far East and get hold of exceptionally expensive high quality protein substances and extracts, enzymes etc that ordinary carp anglers could not get hold of, or they had no awareness of. Yet even though being extremely high protein pre-digested nutritional baits, his creations would blow when too many fish were hooked.

The same happened to the fish baits exploited at the time in the nineties when Premier Baits mixes and bulk oils where jumped on by the herd. In the beginning results were better than average yet they soon dropped off on Shotgate and other baits and formats had to be used. I saw the same thing with readymade fish meals and so on at many other waters including the Essex Big Grange where I occasionally fished down the bank from Danny Fairbrass founder of Korda, whose catch results stood out no more than anyone else’s.

I can say that I spent 15 years and more making homemade baits for a variety of carp waters in Essex and further a field in the middle of the nineteen-eighties fishing these very highly productively against a host of readymade boilie base mixes and further developed readymade boilies moving on from being low protein type over-flavoured attractor baits.

I then spent another 10 years fishing other waters including a very fascinating time fishing smaller highly pressured waters where your bait was so important that most of the time 70 percent of anglers fishing there blanked nearly every session. I did so much time on there that I noticed the patterns that went on. There was no doubt about it that these fish were acutely clued up and so conditioned by the previous years fishing activities and baits when every swim was occupied by anglers 24 hours a day. Those fish were incredibly wary! The fish were so wary that I avoided using a tackle barrow and avoided at all costs making any vibrations and undue movements on the bank even in darkness.

Fish would even stop feeding the moment people slammed their car doors closed in the car park and they knew very well when lines were in the water and when lines were removed. Frankly I could not believe all this until it was plain to see again and again. Many times I had to wait for the insensitive what I call pub on the bank type anglers and those thoughtlessly re-casting and baiting at totally inappropriate times and frequencies to leave the lake before fish would actually feed! Using a spod on this water was absolutely the kiss of death and bait boats turned fish off feeding too.

The over all action on readymade baits pattern I observed was that all the readymade baits used on there only had a very severely limited few months successful life, except for winter time when the lake more or less shut down as the fish stopped feeding because so few anglers kept bait going in. I know because one winter I fished 3 to 4 days a week nearly every week apart from when the lake froze solid on a couple of occasions and trying to break the ice was not possible because the ice was so thick!

At that time in response to this acute response from the carp in this instance I had to increase the frequency of altering my very successful homemade bait designs to keep on catching the very biggest fish in the lake. Also I stopped bothering using popular readymade baits having given up doing that in vain!

It was obvious that using readymade baits was a recipe not for success but blanks. I only altered my homemade baits because I was catching the majority of the big fish and was top rod and knew it was best to constantly keep ahead of the fish, and it really worked fantastically well. When the owner of a fishery instructs you to help other anglers catch fish because they are really struggling, then you know you are doing things right.

The strangest thing to come out of this time was that having focused on designing and making homemade baits to tempt the few big catfish left in there resulted in multiple and repeated captures of many of the biggest carp left in this particular water. I had achieved these baits by focusing my attention on the sensitivities of wells catfish (and not those of carp,) to a range of feeding triggers I had by trial and error over that 5 year period found produced far more prolonged and far more intensive feeding of wels catfish.

The results of this bait designing and bait testing resulted in the captures of all the big catfish including a few repeat captures. One early April session I hooked and landed the same 2 catfish twice each within a space of 3 days; one was a good fifty five pounds in weight and the other was 72 pounds.

Over all over 5 years I had over 30 catfish captures of fish weighing between 68 pounds and 120 pounds which was easily a record for that water at that time and for bait-caught not live bait-caught catfish this was easily a national record at that time even beating catches at Wintons.

I went onto catch the Kingfisher catfish record at Wintons too again using these homemade baits and the jealously in fishing was a sour theme at that time. Yet the best part was dominating the Essex lake with big carp catches and catching more thirty pound plus carp than anyone else using my homemade catfish bait designs applied to big carp! That was immensely satisfying as I had literally designed my life around achieving this and it took its toll on me in many ways.

Being top rod on a water for over 5 years really is about living being in touch with the water, with it in your mind while away while working and at home etc. Certainly carp fishing can be an addiction and obsession which is not to say it is all a good thing!

I hope you see some pattern here; that you do not need readymade baits to achieve great success far above average anglers using popular readymade baits! I did try to use a very conventional approach by using mainline baits at Darenth big lake and it was disastrous.

I simply could not afford to apply the kind of volumes and get in the swims that were hot so my results were very much hit and miss. It was a very frustrating time when I did not feel comfortable at all fishing like this. Yet the first time I designed a new homemade bait using some lesser used ingredients from Premier baits, instantly I hooked big fish!

I love small waters and tend to dislike fishing bigger waters where accuracy at range really matters. My distance eyesight is bad so casting under a bush overhanging an island feeding spot 130 meters away in a blustery crosswind is not my fantasy way of fishing frankly! I prefer to be able to actually see fish bubbling in detail moving in the proximity of my baits. Being able to actually observe fish responses and unique behaviours in the presence of unique new homemade baits is something that really fascinates me as this is extremely revealing.

For this reason I decided to fish Wintons Kingfisher Lake around 2005 and 2006 doing a number of sessions successfully exploiting totally new homemade bait formulas on each trip! This goes completely against the old school baiting triangle theory of nutritional baits long term. My thinking was to do exactly the opposite of the locals who insisted the lake was hard and insisted that when I started fishing there that I use mainline baits and halibut pellets. I did it my way using new baits designed further along the lines of those to exploit both catfish and carp sensitivities to a range of true feeding triggers, plus a number of dramatically alternative incitants and attractants.

By the time I had caught 3 different forties in 3 days and a couple of times had 2 forties in an evening the bailiffs and owner had taken a dislike to me. I thought they would be pleased but that was not the case at all. Still the fact is that homemade baits ruled during my sessions on there and those anglers on the readymade baits were so jealous.

But it was all just rewards for 25 years of experimentation and total proof that avoiding using popular readymade boilies really works!

Very small volumes of homemade baits made as potent and as optimised and as maximised in unique ways can easily out-fish far greater volumes of readymade baits and I can apply this to all the readymade baits I have ever fished in comparative testing. Less really can be more in carp fishing! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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