How To Make Homemade Carp Fishing Boilies For Winter To Defeat Readymade Baits Part 2!

Published: 27th January 2012
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The principles for designing and making successful carp boilies, pastes, spod and stick mixes, ground baits and so on are vital to get absolutely right! So now benefit from the experience and practical advice of an angler that hooked a previous world record carp, and has been developing and refining homemade baits and recipes for all kinds of carp baits in potently different and alternative formats for over 30 years!

When I began carp fishing in the seventies custard powder paste made with water was a very popular bait used for very cautious crucian carp as well as bigger carp and again shows how a soluble enhanced carbohydrate does catch carp without any resorting to high protein ingredients.

I could go into a wealth of insights and optimising pointers you could use regarding catching big carp using more details of protein substances, but do not want to complicate the major principles I have put across in this article except give you a few more alternative tips about protein ingredients which are new on the scene!

In fact high protein baits are not the most ideal baits for winter although in the warmer temperatures of summer fish will certainly be able to consume far more bait and actually digest it far better compared to winter. Winter really can be a time when low or moderately protein rich baits can be exploited with great success and the results of the first pioneers to exploit much lower nutrient rich birds food baits completely confused many high protein bait enthusiasts years ago!

If you can think about the basic human staple foods I have previously mentioned in part one of this article and you will see a list of basic ingredients for beginner carp baits emerging; this includes alternative carbohydrate ingredients and also some higher protein ingredients including hemp and spirulina.

Most anglers see or hear about baits that include maize, soya flour or soya meal, and semolina for example. I personally avoid using soya products because today over 80 percent is either genetically modified or contaminated with genetically modified soya!

Why not give your carp a healthier future by choosing truly healthy substances for your bait materials; Frankenstein food products such as genetically modified soya, maize and durum wheat (semolina) have no place in a healthy carp bait! Please bear with me and you will soon appreciate why GM products are to be avoided. I do not call them foods as they are actually toxic to health balance both externally in the carp and human body and and internally within the natural environment! Do look up on the internet details of why this is and why GM crops are banned in Europe and how Monsanto have bribed members of congress in the states to get their GM seed and products made legal!

The results of consuming genetically modified foods such as maize and soya is that these form completely alien compounds never before introduced into the body of fish and man and the long term health implications of this are so damaging to health and so profound, that almost all the evidence that these are harmful has been covered up by Monsanto (the major genetically-modified seed producer.)

Another point is that Monsanto are evil because their seed cannot be used for more than one growing season thus stopping farmers being independent; this has made a shocking number of farmers bankrupt due to artificially high seed prices. But far more insidious is the health implications of GM crops and their contamination of non GM crops!

One aspect of GM crops I particularly find very disturbing is that a world leading herbicide (Round Up) proven as the cause of many common diseases sold by Monsanto, is actually engineered into various GM seeds! I might also add that GM seeds cannot adapt to any changing environmental threats, such as rising temperature or changing humidity or rises in certain pests and other diseases that may suddenly strike, whereas natural seeds that survives such problems can successfully be used to grow far hardier crops in the future.

Without this ability to adapt the actual probability of massive crop failures and mass starvation is simply a matter of time and will happen. Monsanto do not care of course, and are merely making a fast buck today and passing on the damage of their policies and greed onto future generations.

One additive I will suggest here just in case you want to begin by experimenting with carbohydrate ingredients boosted by just one substance, is hemp protein, whole hemp, and crushed hemp. As a consultant and field tester for a number of bait companies I know how much difference even one edge can make so here is an easy one to exploit and I recommend you test out hemp protein powder from CC Moore!

Hemp contains the most potent protein (edistin protein) known in the plant kingdom and hemp oil has been known as one of the most potent anti-inflammatory substances. It is even used today by those wishing to avoid or cure diseases and is so potent that the government in the United States does not allow the growing of it because it would reduce big pharmaceutical company profits if the truth about hemp was actually known by the masses.

A bait made with hemp oil may seem a lot more interesting to you now I think! I take the most potent hemp oil I can as a vital dietary supplement but I do not use the kinds of grades used in carp fishing baits. In fact I do use my hemp oil in my baits but it is so potent I need less than those forms from bait companies. Just so you appreciate the difference, the forms I use actually seems to fizz on the tongue as the receptors on the surface of the tongue are stimulated. Think about this!

I hope you can see and appreciate what bread is doing in reaction with water and when in solution, when in contact with carp senses, and realise some of the basic principles involved in becoming more aware of how to make bait designed to be best detected by fish and to actually stimulate feeding!

I can state that after years of research and bait testing and refining baits and recipes and bait modes of actions, and water reactivity etc I now base my bait designs on true feeding trigger rich substances in particular. This is so I know my baits are guaranteed to stimulate repetitive feeding to maximise chances of hooking feeding fish.

This is also so that my baits have the intrinsic capacity to purposely create and optimise carp feeding even where conditions or circumstances are not ideal, such as in low winter temperatures, or during the low oxygen saturation of water of carp waters in the heat of summer. I find this starting point is very reliable and best of all totally confidence inspiring! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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