Homemade Carp Boilie Bait Secrets Of Exploiting Fish Senses And Ingredients!

Published: 01st December 2008
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If you think that your catches are what they should be, then think again because there are more potent secrets to multiplying your catches especially when it comes to inducing carp feeding by manipulating unique bait substances with special methods exploiting vital details of carp senses. Many big carp bait secrets are introduced here...

It might seem strange, but a huge proportion of our bodily defence system is in our gut as opposed to in our lymph system, or blood antibodies etc. The fact is that there are healthy, beneficial bacteria strains in the gut which have very many benefits to health. Carp are no different either.

For instance, in humans, one product of bacterial activity is the production of vitamin K2. Carp also need vitamin K. But it is the fermentation process in the gut that are extremely important in more fully digesting our food that our own enzymes alone cannot handle. The same goes for carp enzymes and their gut bacteria enzymes.

For instance, carp can get more benefit from consuming aquatic weeds (koi will graze on grass along the side of a pond) but it is the carp gut bacterial enzymes that breakdown the normally indigestible cellulose cell walls of plants and enable nutrition to be accessible.

Cows are very much similar - their hugely convoluted intestines harbour a huge quantity of beneficial bacteria for just this job of breaking down and digesting grass. The balance between good bacteria and not so helpful bacteria is very important, not just for digestion, but for also maintaining a healthy strong immune system too. This is often very much over-looked.

So-called probiotic yogurts for instance are supposed to be able to provide health balancing benefits and nutritional benefits to humans. The fact is such foods are often pretty much useless for this purposes in fact doing the opposite! These yogurts are made from pasteurised milk which means they are not active and in fact the bacteria in them are dead; these are not live cultures... Added to the fact that the often high sugar levels of these yogurts actually encourages the raising of the levels of unhealthy yeasts and bacteria in the gut (carbohydrates and sugars are their prime food source,) these products are in the main very misleading.

Often probiotic foods contain incorrect bacteria to do the vital jobs claimed and this is also a great failing of course, being self-defeating! Certain carp baits are claimed to be probiotic; but if they do not contain the correct bacteria strains that benefit carp in their gut then they are empty claims, especially when they do not actually have bacteria active in them, having been sealed in bags and cooled etc.

Now this is an interesting point; carp do not just eat foods tasting and smelling of fresh pungent strawberries or ripe bananas. They will eat many disgusting food items which would make your stomach turn, and in fact carp are stimulated into feeding by urea, and even bird droppings...

The point is, to see things from a carp physiological perspective, not from a branded bait seller's angle... Often what works best is not your usual baits found in your tackle and bait shop, but what you can produce homemade for yourself.

Included in this are many flavours, bait additives, fermented ground baits, fermented bait ingredients etc, and methods to produce them for yourself, as described in my bait publications among other unique sources.

Think of the success of Belechan (fermented shrimps,) or the proven power of yeasts (fungi) as bait ingredients and additives, or corn steep liquor, alcohol based flavours, live cultured foods used in baits, the power of fermented particles etc...

Very many so-called bait gurus who actually produce commercial readymade baits rant on about fresh ingredients but at the same time you will find that none of them know everything and in fact most have huge gaps in their knowledge that they are actually unaware of. There is no doubt about the potency of far from fresh bacterially active substances and the bye-products from such substances and these are so underrated by the average carp angler you happen to speak to on the bank...

Any carp angler who has experienced the following phenomenon has no choice but agree with this: You go fishing, but use an old mouldy bait from the bottom of your bait that you know has been there quite a number of weeks and very possibly months. It is very likely that this bait will little resemble the bait is was when fresh, issuing forth new strange, often unpleasant or unusual smells and aromas, and the hardness and texture of the bait may well be different too.

So you might decide to try this bait out of desperation or as an experiment. What happens in the majority of cases is that you hit a fish on the bait within a short space of time. But amazingly this seems to come as a complete surprise to most anglers, but then most carp anglers have become brainwashed into thinking that a good bait smells like a flavour like themselves this is so far from the truth... (Do you think you would drink bloodworm extract or liquidised earthworms and actually have this lead to you wanting to have more?)

How many carp anglers purportedly test their boilies by chewing on them; this is misguided at best, and really hilarious, being about as scientific and refined as using dynamite (of course 10 out of 10 carp will prefer glycerine to nitro-glycerine!) You can be certain few anglers will chomp on bloodworm pellets for instance, to verify the veracity of their effective performance! Perhaps the best term for this comedic behaviour is selective ignorance...

The point is that commercial bait companies know that if anglers were presented with a bait that they got on their fingers that had a pleasant smell then they will prefer this to baits with quite unpleasant smells. Many so-called off flavours are unpleasant to our human senses but are stimulatory to carp, and the same goes for various amines too. (Anyway, we sense in air not water, even though our sensory interfaces are covered with a film of water as a transfer area as with our nose and tongue sensory cells for instance.)

The really funny thing is that following many months of my own research, the majority of bait companies don't know how carp flavours actually work and on which carp sensory systems and why, and I think this should bother you too if you really consider what further bait performance opportunities are likely being missed and with various baits being over-sold!

Just how many bait companies have made their names and fortunes selling baits that literally make anglers really feel sick to their stomach? The truth is it is the more pleasant smelling baits and the ones reminding us of things like sweets, or ripe fruits, that carp anglers most often prefer and associate with as good baits. Again, it is the actual fermentation processes which form the development of the most distinctive ripe flavours in fruit naturally with which we associate, such as those in pears, or bananas...

To my mind, the world famous bait maestro Rod Hutchinson gives us so many lessons. It is true that many of his unique baits and flavours came from an fantastic appreciation of carp senses, digestion, physical and physiological processes etc, and of how to exploit natural and synthetically produced substances to exploit carp senses etc into feeding intensely on his baits. How many carp bait companies have not copied elements of his baits and flavours, stimulators, enhancers, additives and attractors etc, (whether they realised it or not or even did it deliberately?)

Many of his flavours for instance simply did not become highly fashionable because they did not fit into the brainwashed category of what a truly outstanding flavours should smell or taste like to anglers. This about as sadly ignorant as a 12 year old schoolboy telling Einstein that his theory of relativity is wrong because in his opinion Einstein's hair is not cool!

One thing to remember about flavours in bait is that literally every component has some chemical signature that carp can potentially detect, and carp make bloodhound senses look dulled. Many anglers use baits without flavours thinking they have neutral baits, but this is so far from the truth. I remember using so-called neutral Richworth boilies, and even un-flavoured milk protein homemade boilies and can tell you for sure that when I mixed these with water, even I as a dulled senses human could both smell and taste these unflavoured so-called neutral baits packed with intrinsic flavours and aromas...

However, effective modern carp baits can go far beyond just familiar taste and smell characteristics. It is often the far more subtle aspects of bait (hidden to our human senses,) that can provide the greater competitive edges in carp fishing; and will continue to do so into the future...

I hope this makes you think a little more about what really goes on between carp senses, a carp brain and your bait and ground bait substances, because most carp anglers miss out on the amazing power of this knowledge; which can seriously multiply your catches big-time for life!

By Tim Richardson.

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