Homemade Carp Baits Made Using Pineapple Flavour And Butyric Acid!

Published: 16th May 2011
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The combination of butyric acid and pineapple is a very popular readymade bait, and this flavour combination is effective and very popular. However this is far from the only possible use of butyric acid, as you can use it with other butyrates, esters, solvents and so on, in both readymade and homemade baits! As you will discover there is more to butyric acid than meets the nose!

There are many other sources and ways to introduce butyric acid into your baits and ground baits, boilies, pastes, dips, particle baits etc in multiple ways. Just one example is to use blue cheese powder in your spod mix or paste, while also using a blue cheese flavour or a butter flavour for instance! Not many anglers today would think of using a strong butter cream flavour alongside butyric acid, but this is just one of many suggestions I could reveal that really are genuinely effective successful alternatives to the most common pineapple and butyric acid flavours that are so much over-used that carp have in too many cases become wary of them!

Butyric acid is a common natural signal when in solution (in water) for the presence of potential food in the environment and carp have evolved to use a massive range of such signals as natural indicators, of both opportunities for survival as well as threats! I say this because baits and flavours that are used far too often usually by the herd mentality weekend warrior type angler who just depends on the most fashionable readymade baits, really can unwittingly be in a situation where his bait is actually a really serious barrier to his success! Carp associate previously successful flavours with far more caution, even to the point of ignoring all baits with such familiar signals!

This is no exaggeration, and in discussion for example with Nash Bait man Gary Bayes only confirmed my view that even high nutritional value baits can totally blow when fish get hooked too much on them. But change the signals, adapt them and make them different and results keep on coming. This is one reason why making your own baits and finding out how to create your own unique preparations that no-one else can ever copy is so vital to long-term success!

This is why I keep plugging the truth that you can always maximise your results by being more sophisticated and different to the herd and exploiting the kinds of bait secrets insights I am so passionate about evolving and discovering more and more, even though I do not share the very best of what I know for free. But do understand all my work costs me time and money and it is certainly not free to me, and I have done this work full time for the past 6 years now.

In some ways you could attribute part of the success of fake rubber baits such as sweetcorn to the actual handling by us of such baits. I am referring here to the butyric acid that comes out of our skin naturally; thus contaminating these so-called inert fake baits with this ester plus other substances such as various other fatty acids, salts and so on! You could when you think creatively like I make myself do, come up with very simple alternative solutions to making successful baits perform better. So many ideas are obvious to me. One is simply to add a little butyric acid to your fake baits, or during the preparation of maize or hemp for example, or even add butyric acid straight into a can of sweetcorn, and soak it in overnight!

Another prime example of other natural substances in the environment that carp use to detect food all the time are the amino acids and betaine issuing from mollusks and crustacean, snails, mussels, shrimps and many other benthic or bottom living and sediment dwelling potential food items. Many organisms have micro-organisms in their gut to complete their digestion, and part of this is the production and use as an energy source of butyric acid so it is a very common substance carp detect within their invertebrate and other foods.

The natural substances found in the water released from a myriad of natural food items and used a homing beacons by carp is an entire subject that I could write another book about, because it is so incredibly important to really understand and fully exploit to the very maximum effect. Ninety nine percent of baits do not do this so I think you can see how there is room for improvement here, to improve your catches on a quantum level!

Each week I discover more and more about how carp detect and exploit substances, and many of these are not being used in the mainstream readymade baits, if at all. But having a knowledge of them and a will to source them opens the way to creating the kinds of baits and bait formats and experiences of new exciting and incredibly stimulating optimised attraction and nutritional and hormone based stimulating baits that carp find totally irresistible.

Amino acid attraction and stimulation based on nitrogen needs is a tiny fraction of the knowledge that may or may not be exploited when making you mind up to achieve all your fishing dreams through the leverage of bait substances the herd will always be too fixated over instant readymade short-term solutions to ever exploit! Basically, if you are constantly looking for a quick fix, you will never reach the magnitude of success you truly deserve. Being a consultant for a number of bait companies you are part of the ongoing creative process that is a constant theme in the act of staying ahead of carp, with new products and spins on uses for existing baits substances and new bait substances etc.

The secret is to develop yourself and your knowledge and applied skills, because you are truly your own greatest edge. That means reading the best secrets and using them, and they do not come for free. Just buying a bag of baits is as far from optimising your chances as you can possibly get!

So many anglers short-sightedly think they will not invest in buying any information except biased magazines full of advertorials, and then go out and buy bait that costs far more than information that will transform their catches for life! They go fishing and expect miracles with their bag of readymade baits of convenience, but will never achieve maximum results simply by doing this. All heated baits and machine rolled baits are under-optimised and perform far below what is truly possible, for a massive list of reasons, in fact so many reasons that I could write a book just on this subject alone!

To make catching fish far easier for you than the average angler in the next swim you need to think and do more than expect miracles from readymade baits. And you have to value information to appreciate it enough to make the magic happen for you.

Think about this, because seriously developing your knowledge of bait and how fish actually detect it and utilize it opens doors to success that most anglers will never find in a lifetime of fishing. Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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