Carp Fishing Secrets Of Success And Making Your Homemade Baits Work Like Crazy!

Published: 11th April 2011
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Secrets do certainly exist in fishing as in all things! After all everything is evolving and fish are evolving just as we as individuals are every day! So how do you optimise your baits and fishing and maximise the impacts of your tactics and baits to catch the most fish? The answers are very powerful so read on and revolutionise your catches for life!

There is no absolutely ideal bait! Fish dynamically change in terms of defensive behaviours in response to even the most successful baits! Therefore consistent renewed success is all about the constant evolution of your baits and in particular about your thinking and entire mindset about baits!

This simply just reflects the fact that fish are constantly evolving and adapting in order to avoid potential danger of any kind and not merely of being hooked; there is far more going on than just this! Yet anglers seem not to realise this because they simply miss the bigger picture, choosing instead to focus on very relatively unimportant mundane often totally superficial things, such as new tackle to show off!

Simply put, here are a few of my simple top tips for big carp and giant catfish success:

Design your baits for greatest solubility so that they hydrate and break down fast. Bait works best in solution in water and definitely not as hard balls sitting on the lake bed! Get this point deep into your consciousness and you will revolutionise your catches and how you fish!

Design into your baits a number of beneficial addictive properties by carefully selecting substances you will become much more aware of that have these effects on fish! (Read on!)

Never use eggs in baits to make boilies. Instead use other alternative additives and ingredients.

There is absolutely no need to use eggs in carp baits! The albumin and proteins that coagulate can be found in other products to far greater effect in making your baits successful!

Do include the highest levels of neat liquid foods in your baits as possible!

Avoid heating baits at all costs. It severely reduces their potency! If you want to use heated bait then steam them as fast as possible! Think about steaming your own food and not boiling and you will really appreciate the difference in palatability, taste, smell and nutritional impacts over time!

Soft baits are incredibly successful, yet few anglers use soft baits, and even less use very open textured baits but who needs to limit bait success simply because a recipe does not roll into a ball? Forget making balls of bait and chop them instead!

If you want hard baits use whey protein concentrate for example and not egg products that seriously seal baits and under optimise bait performance!

Note that egg seals bait very seriously and unproductively in so many ways and on so many levels. This completely destroys so many advantages of using egg and under optimises baits by a massively significant degree and this has been proven over and over again in actual fishing trials over decades comparing heated egg sealed baits with baits not sealed in this way!

Yet bait makers make this mistake over and over again due to having a mindset that thinks eggs must be an intrinsic part of carp fishing baits! Using whole egg for example makes baits less digestible; nobody would agree that this is a good thing as it reduces the potential of your baits over all to catch more fish!

Egg is also probably the most common ingredient used in bait that makes fish very wary of them after repeated exposure by associating with egg! In this way egg becomes the villain and a very negative characteristic of bait actually reducing catch results very significantly! You need to see the bigger picture to really get this because the egg in bait mentality has so entrained unconsciously and brainwashed so many anglers over the decades!

Never waste time making round boilies! Rounded bait in any shape is too a familiar characteristic and acts as a warning of danger characteristic instead of an edge!

Make your baits as different to machine rolled or compressed shaped baits as possible! This is one of the most significant common characteristics of machine rolled baits used by the majority of anglers that seriously reduces their success! This is because fish have learnt to deal with millions of similar machine rolled baits over the decades and know how to avoid the massive majority of such baits, only making mistakes on such baits a very small minority of the time. The same situation of avoidance of chops and barrel baits and pellet shaped baits also means you need to avoid these shapes to get the best from your baits! These shapes are different no longer and have no edge over and above ball shaped baits today!

You can totally remove any resemblance to commercial baits by making homemade baits! This alone makes them superior to ready made baits formed by machine because this change of many or just a few bait characteristics makes it very significantly harder for fish to deal with them and to avoid getting hooked.

Fish are far more easily hooked using very different baits!

Therefore avoid any shapes like cylinders, pellets, chops avoiding any smooth rounded bait shapes at all costs to maximise the uniqueness of your own homemade baits. Doing this also means bait making is twice as fast and twice as easy plus you can use bait textures and recipes that no bait machine or bait roller can handle!

Do use as many soluble additives such as CC Moore Feedstim XP and enzyme-treated liver etc in your baits! - in other words base your baits on feeding trigger-rich substances to trigger the most intensive feeding possible (and not on carbohydrate binders!) Doing this can also simultaneously provide the most water soluble most easily digested stimulatory proteins at the same time!

To test new baits it is very simple! All you need is to have a note pad and pen, and make small one third of a kilogram batches of bait and fish these on your 3 rods and compare results. Using real catches feedback you can go forwards constantly keeping on refining your best baits ever!

As for levels, believe me fish break all the rules all the time! The ways fish constantly change in response to successful baits is amazing. You can keep ahead of fish behaving defensively towards familiar baits that they have been hooked on before by using small or large changes in literally any bait characteristic that makes it familiar, but the key is to avoid using baits that resemble what the herd uses at any particular point in time. This makes it very simple to stay ahead!

Even for the most concentrated flavours so go to extremes and test small batches and your fish will immediately tell you what works!

There is no need to make your baits sorted for limiting amino acids. Deciding to use very high levels of very easily digested water soluble additives and ingredients and other substances will make all the difference I assure you! It is very easy to include in your baits nutritional additives and ingredients and other substances that also happen to be prebiotic and probiotic and will promote bait digestion and assimilation very positively extremely advantageously to you and your fish!

There is no need to design baits which are so very complex that they cover all possible known fish nutritional deficiencies through the year! Frankly you are fishing for as many bites as possible and not waste time inefficiently. You want bites as fast as possible, and your goal is certainly not to feed fish up to optimum weight gains! You are not running a fish farm for profit so why waste so much money and effort on bait in effect doing that which are not in fact optimised to achieve as many bites as possible? This point is one of the biggest myths of carp bait: that baits need to be balanced nutritionally in highly sophisticated ways to be successful!

Strictly speaking a tiger nut does not fulfill a very wide spectrum of fish nutritional needs at all, yet it has many properties that a boilie of pretty simple design can have and that can be exceptionally successful! You do not require a very complex bait to be top rod, but you will benefit massively by learning how to optimise your baits so fish are triggered into the most intensive and repetitive feeding as possible; so read on!

Optimise feeding trigger rich substances within your baits to the maximum levels possible in dry and liquid forms! (Most natural extracts have no maximum inclusion level!)

Attractors and enhancers are very potent so utilize them bearing in mind that these can actually be feeding triggers, or metabolism enhancers or have other impacts internally or externally besides the job you at first considered them to be used for in your baits. Remember that any substance within a bait can potentially have an impact on other substances to create secondary impacts on fish and in water too!

Do include in your baits substances you can source that no bait company currently offers. Of course being different is the greatest edge in fishing!

Concentrated flavours really do have an impact on bait performance regarding making baits stand out in terms of either significantly acidic or significantly alkaline values so making baits easier to detect! Therefore just using flavours at recommend minimal levels is certainly not always the best solution for many fishing situations! This fact has been proven over and over again in my fishing

Do not ignore essential oils; the potency of many of these far surpasses many other bait substances and liquids! These genuinely really do make all the difference in terms of attraction and actual bait nutritional potency and healthfulness! These oils represent massive competitive edges so choose alternatives to the all too popular black pepper or aniseed oil for instance and reap big rewards! (Exploring the world of essential oils is seriously rewarding I can assure you!)

Tiger nuts like so many fruits and certain particular protein rich substances have thermogenic properties that induce superior food digestion, repeated feeding responses and more active metabolism of fish. All this promoting increases in more feeding, more chances of bites and more fish caught as a consequence. Make sure all your homemade bait recipes and unique formulations achieve this too by your thoughts and aims as you design your baits and further bait adaptations!

It is all in the details. For example, the most potent part of pineapple flavour is its butyric acid component. That is why so many pineapple flavours are boosted with additional butyric acid! But the implications of this in terms of the same principle being applied to many other baits and applications are mind blowing!

Truly successful baits can catch loads of fish when used in low volumes of bait used. Far too many anglers these days do not truly appreciate this at all and think that less is more! (In fact this point also highlights just how seriously inefficient and wasteful a vast number of commercial boilies and pellets really are and shows how much more economically efficient and effective it is to make your own exceptionally power packed potent homemade baits instead!)

Making your own uniquely successful baits to out-fish and out-catch every ready made bait available is truly possible for everyone to achieve now! Make it your goal and you will save an absolute fortune; think about it!

If you think you need hundreds of kilograms of bait to succeed in fishing then your bait mentality is wrong and your bait design is wrong; it is very simple! Quantum breakthroughs are possible for anyone willing to put in the effort of thought, who has previously struggled achieving just ordinary or mediocre catch results using ready made baits! Bait does not need to cost a fortune! You can always go to a new water using a new and unique bait never used there before, when you make your own baits that never be copied by anybody else! The competitive advantages of this are simply staggering!

Practice makes perfect! Using totally new experimental homemade bait batches and comparing your catch results using these to discover the best of them is obviously best done on easy waters. Do note all you use within your baits, and how you actually use them when fishing. Little details can really make a big difference in your success and laziness will not be rewarded! Use a fishing diary and it will speed up your learning and improve your success quicker than anything else as you learn so much faster about your new baits and how fish respond to them as you gradually refine your entire thinking and fishing approach!

The results you achieve using your own unique baits will certainly quickly build up your confidence in your own homemade baits based on your improved catches and invaluable practical feedback that will hugely improve you as a better angler as a result! Also you will find you will catch many fish that the popular commercial baits rarely catch!

Expect your new homemade baits to catch you new personal best fish because they will, and expect superior consistent success with a new positive success mindset that the herd will never have! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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