Carp Boilie Ingredients For Great Homemade Baits!

Published: 06th December 2011
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Catching more big carp is much easier when you know some very stimulating details about bait components, how fish sense your baits, how to manipulate fish physiology to make fish want to eat our baits more and more! Think like a fish not an angler! When your knowledge of bait means you can manipulate fish senses and behaviours in your favour against them you have incredible power compared to other anglers who may never understand fish or bait and will miss out big-time!

In the beginning when considering bait at all, why start of with bait itself at all when it is far more productive by starting off with taking a much better look at the fish? Old paradigms of what bait is and should be are out of date and what is needed is to create new potent experiences for the fish to induce hooks getting into mouths as easily and as fast as possible wasting as little time as possible. Relatively very few anglers understand carp in detail so it is no surprise they have little idea even how their readymade baits might possibly work far more potently to attract fish to take baited hooks inside their mouths. Yet if you understood this imagine the power this provides you with over anglers with little or no knowledge or insight regarding this incredibly vital aspect of fishing.

The majority of carp anglers in the UK and some other countries where carp fishing has become so commercialised, are dependant on expensive readymade carp boilies, pellets etc. You could say that the bait companies just want that trend to continue so they can extract as much money out of you as possible. Making you totally dependant on their products is a very major goal of those wanting to make big money and doing this gives them a huge amount of power over you which is not something you can afford to give away especially in these days of financial turmoil!

When the price of readymade baits is the deciding factor in being able to afford to catch a few fish or even go fishing, you have to begin to wonder about making your own bait at vastly less cost with the chance to catch even more fish using your own baits with all the enormous satisfaction that brings!

Why allow someone else to decide your fishing budget when you can do it yourself and save an absolute fortune? Whether your readymade baits cost you 5 pounds or 12 pounds a kilogram you can undercut and vastly reduce this cost and still out-fish all those popular readymade baits when you really discover deeper details how! Once again you need to know some of the most vitally important details of fish senses, and how to best exploit them to get most bites by leveraging various (endlessly varied) combinations of ingredients, special compounds, liquid foods, flavour components, oils etc.

Avoiding bait making mistakes can be avoided by learning from others who have the long experience over the years to refine their knowledge and bait making methods, thinking and insights etc. My 35 years of homemade carp bait making has gone through many changing levels of experience, feedback and changing awareness but well over 80 percent of all my homemade baits have caught from at least the first cast and mistakes are really only priceless feedback towards even better baits!

Certain carp waters demand specific bait alterations because no water or fish stock or ecosystem is necessarily identical, and it is very important to know how to out-fish competing baits by leverage of unique bait substances to achieve extra edges over them in many ways.

Bait-making beginners usually make the most common mistake of falling into the trap of thinking like an angler, and relying on personal judgements and opinions about bait substances and flavours to formulate baits instead of starting off with the fish themselves (which is obviously where the true power is!) Avoid limiting your bait success by getting to know your fish very well indeed inside and out! By focusing on the fish in the first instance and not on bait substances you will be thinking like a carp and be able to get the edge over the majority who merely think like anglers!

Certain bait substances do necessarily not work on their own in water and need a bait carrier substance with which they can work synergistically to bring forth their most potent impacts on fish senses. However, many bait substances can be said to be very habit-forming and I include the essential amino acids and particular non-essential amino acids found in protein ingredients additives and liquids in this group too.

I am amazed at how many anglers feel they lack confidence in a bait if it has no strong discernible flavours or smell. Think about it; carp can sense substances down to a few parts in a billion and it will be very hard for the average carp angler to incorporate any substance in their bait that has no smell, taste or aroma or effect some sort of subtle electrical impact or difference on carp senses when in water for that matter that they will detect the presence of!

Carp are constantly evolving individuals able to sense new substances to various degrees even if foreign to their aquatic environment and so are able to monopolise new potential food sources which is something we can exploit to maximum effect to catch more fish! Carp an be conditioned to respond to our baits in similar ways to dogs being trained to behave in ways their owner wants by rewarding them with snacks and designing unique new baits to provide both instant and long-term rewards certainly can condition their behaviours in our unique favour when regularly applied as well as affecting their future taste and smell preferences etc!

When choosing ingredients etc to make baits finding out how fish actually detect substances which cause a behavioural response that leads to a hook going into the mouth is a great beginning. This is less about bait and recipes and far more about the process of discovery of how substances react with water, how fish detect substances in solution or partial solution, how sensitive carp are to substances, both internally and externally and what these substances do to change fish internally directly and indirectly instantly and cumulatively motivating and energising them to feed more on those substances.

Just for instance if you were to think about a natural food source and identify even just one major feeding trigger then this will be a great starting point. Fermented shrimp, and the popular product called Belachan are rich in stimulatory soluble proteins, salts, oils, butyric acid and other feeding triggers and attractors and an array of free form highly water soluble amino acids including taste enhancing agents such as natural glutamate. The knowledge that using both the power and liquid forms of fermented shrimp or Belachan will prolong and intensify the impacts of your baits is really the sort of point I would far rather make instead of simply saying something vague such as carp like Belachan.

In the above I have not listed any recipe but in a way I have in terms of reasons why fermented shrimp and Belachan are easily detected by carp and in very brief why they trigger some kinds of feeding behaviours. When you know enough about what carp are naturally changed by internally it is really easy to design a homemade bait to beat readymade baits.

When you begin your thinking with recipes and ingredients as your bait design start point things become confusing fast and this is simply through not knowing where the best starting point actually is! There are thousands of possible ingredients, additives, enhancers, attractors, appetite stimulators, nutritional liquids etc to choose from but this is not the right starting point!

If you start here you will get very confused and be using loads of vague guesswork because just getting a batch of ingredients together without an in depth insight into what these actually do alone and together in solution and in contact with fish is the most random and least likely to succeed method of making bait!

To really get the edge most easily start out thinking about fish sensitivity and water reactivity and think of bait as solution and never think recipes and ingredients first! This is how confusion is avoided and great homemade baits are guaranteed!

You can choose specific ingredients, additives and liquids etc to manipulate carp modes of feeding or condition senses or certain modes of behaviours or exploit or adapt preferences leading to many more bites on your baits compared to other baits, so it really pays to choose wisely and find out more! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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