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Published: 20th January 2010
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As the snow clears and lakes thaw fish will become vulnerable to capture even more after burning off some of their stored energy reserves. Many tricks using liquid foods and flavours etc can really boost your catches this winter and spring so read on to boost your homemade bait mixes, pellets, boilies and particle baits results!

Bait dips, soaks and glugs are well proven for improving feeding responses of carp in low temperatures. Many anglers simply buy a pot of dip or bait soak not really knowing how effective it is or how similar it might be to products already used before that fish might like or be cautious of to some degree. It is a very good edge to make some attractor packs of your very own - for multiple uses!

These are simply mixtures of liquids that will really enhance the fish-catching potential of a range of boilie base mixes, or readymade baits, or ground bait formats and mixes, and pellets and mini particles, or even things such as nut and meat and fish baits.

In winter one of the best ways of attracting fish is to deliver liquid attractors via the use of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol bags. The use of PVA netting or webbing is very common too but you can deliver loads more liquid attraction using whole bags. There are many products I have tested in PVA bags like this as I tend to do things a bit differently to the average angler. I find most of my fellow anglers are copying the PVA netting type approach to attract more attention to their hook baits in colder weather, or use whole bags tightly packed for long range fishing or weed fishing in summer for instance.

However I like to use big whole bags with lots of liquid attraction. Many products are available to use with PVA bags today and this property relates more to their density than being oily. Of course in summer the favourites like the bulk fish oils and so on can be used, and hemp oil mixed with these is very commonly used too. But in winter and spring there are very many more choices and although hemp oil is great in winter many oils are simply not suitable as they become solid in low temperatures and literally prevent fish digestion of your baits.

I am keen on learning about and utilising many companies products. In the last 12 months I have been using many of the CC Moore range and in the past have used all kinds from Essential Baits, Nash Baits, Solar, CW Baits, Newfields Baits, Mainline, Nutrabaits etc. Many of these companies appear to get more exposure in terms of the carp magazines which is not surprising considering the links between some of the bait companies and those who own and run the magazines for example.

So to be fair to everyone I will discuss perhaps some lesser known or less popularised products that I have used more recently, particularly in the past 2 winters and springs. There are very many innovative developments from CC Moore that I really find very useful and very successful indeed. CC Moore have really gone to great technical efforts to develop and expand on PVA-friendly liquid foods and attractor packs etc. are.

Some of the PVA-friendly CC Moore products I recommend using either singly or in your own unique combinations for all kinds of applications, from soaking pellets and readymade boilies, to putting in homemade base mixes, making paste, creating potent stick mixes etc are the following: Red Venom, Boosted Bloodworm Liquid, Liquid Bloodworm Extract, Original Minamino, Liver Amino Compound, Meat Amino Compound, Marine Amino Compound, CSL, Liquid Yeast and Liquid Molasses.

You would be very wise to exploit other attractor packs CC Moore have prepared too, in your own homemade or readymade base mixes and on pellets, in pastes and particles etc (even though these were originally conceived for CC Moore readymade boilie base mixes!) These include:

Meteor Liquid, Live System Liquid, Odyssey XXX Liquid, and the brand new big-fish proven N-Gage liquid.

If you wish to try some of the liquids that may melt PVA netting or bags you might experiment by mixing them with different levels of PVA-friendly ones and even utilise 2 PVA bags to ensure your baits hit the bottom in a tight area and do not spread out on the way down on the cast (which is also a good edge!) Some of the other liquids I really advise you to look into are:

CC Moore Feedstim XP (which is awesome,) the much underestimated Liquid Kelp Complex, Liquid Belachan, Liquid Mussel Extract, Liquid Salmon and Krill Extract, Chilli Liquid, and the nutritionally power-packed Super Cherry Amino - try using this with Liquid Liver Extract (very well proven too) if you do not like to use flavours! Others you need to look out for to really boost your readymade and homemade baits include CC Moore Concentrated Anchovy Extract Liquid and their bulk flavours, such as their awesome Crayfish Concentrate. These are all well proven for big fish - but there are even more!

Big fish really respond to all these substances mentioned; so why not get creative with your own readymade bait soaks, your homemade bait mixes, your boosted pellets and particles and PVA mixes this winter and spring - and you will reap big rewards! (For much more valuable and free information see my unique bait making secrets and readymade bait improving and boosting secrets website Baitbigfish and see my biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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